Create an audio

Create a new audio in a project.



Requests should include: content-type: application/json.

Path Parameters

project_id integer

This is the Project ID.

Body Parameters

api_key string

This is the API Key.

title string - (optional)

This is the article title.

body string

This is the article body.

author string - (optional)

This is the article author.

article_url string - (optional)

This is the article url.

external_id string - (optional)

This is your internal article ID.

metadata object - (optional)

This is any custom data related to the audio article e.g., {"category": News}.


If you are using the API to both create and retrieve your audio, we advise including a unique external_id with your request that relates to the content. This will allow you to easily retrieve the audio when necessary using this same ID.


200: OK

Everything worked as expected.

For a successful request, you will receive a response containing details of the newly created audio, such as the audio status, which will be unprocessed at this point:

You may need to wait up to 60 seconds for the audio to be processed within our system. You can see the status of audio in the dashboard or using the following request: Retrieve an audio.

	"id": 999,
	"external_id": "123-a",
	"state": "unprocessed",
	"media": [
			"id": 999,
			"content_type": "mp3",
			"url": []

	"deleted": false,
	"metadata" :{
	"key": string

400: Bad Request

The request was unacceptable, often due to missing a required parameter.

401: Unauthorized

No valid API key provided.

404: Not Found

The requested resource doesn't exist e.g. incorrect Project ID.

API Explorer

For example requests, responses and to test your API calls, use our API Explorer.