Podcast Feed

For each Project you can generate a unique Podcast Feed that can be used to publish audio to Spotify, Apple, Google Podcasts, and other podcast platforms.

Generate Podcast Feed

To generate a Podcast Feed to go your Project > Distribution > Add Distribution:


Select Podcast Feed:


Enter Podcast information:

  • Podcast title e.g, "Daily Maverick - Audio articles".
  • Podcast description - describe what your Podcast is about in two or three sentences.
  • Podcast category - select a category that best fits your podcast so that podcast directories know how to group it.
  • Podcast artwork - Every podcast directory requires you to have artwork.

We recommend uploading an image at least 1400x1400 pixels in size. We support jpg, png, gif and tiff formats, at a minimum of 400x400 pixels, and maximum of 4MB.


Select your Podcast Feed settings:

You can adjust the the settings to control the behaviour of your Podcast RSS Feed, such as whether to publish all audios automatically or to manually select which audios are published.

  • If you want to curate which audios from your Project are published to the Podcast Feed, then select Manual. If you want all audio from your Project to to be published to the Podcast Feed, then select Automatic.
  • You can activate and de-activate the Podcast RSS Feed by toggling switching the toggle icon On or Off.
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Copy your Podcast Feed URL

Copy the Podcast RSS Feed URL. You will always be able to Edit your Podcast Information, Settings, and access this Podcast RSS Feed URL:


Podcast Distribution Guides

You can read the following distribution guides to help you publish your Podcast Feed on Spotify, Apple, and Google:

Spotify Podcasts
Apple Podcasts
Google Podcasts