Create a project

Create a workspace for your audio content.

A project is a workspace for your audio content. Each project has its own settings, distributions, and analytics.

  1. Sign into your SpeechKit account (don't have one? Start your free trial)

  2. Select 'Create new project'

  3. Enter a title — this is just for your reference

  4. Select a language — this should be the language (and sometimes locale) that your content is written in

  5. Select 'Create'

You can now connect your CMS, create audio from plain text, or upload audio to your project.


How many projects can I create?

Starter and Newsdesk plans are limited to one project. If you wish to create more projects, speak to us about upgrading to an Enterprise plan. View plans >

When should I create a new project?

Creating a new project allows you to create, distribute, analyze, and monetize audio under different settings. This is useful if you wish to, for example:

  • Connect another CMS

  • Create content in another language

  • Use different default voices for different content categories

  • Auto-distribute different content categories in different ways (for example, as separate podcasts)

  • Run different ads on different content categories

  • View separate analytics for different content categories

  • Test SpeechKit on your staging site