Check audio status

Check whether your audio has been processed.

You can check the status of an audio in the 'Content (Audios)' section of your project dashboard. Simply refer to or hover on the icon in the 'Status' column.

Typically, it will take just a few minutes for us to process your text into audio. There may be a delay if lots of content is imported at once.

  • Processed (green): The audio is available for distribution. Hover on the green icon to play and listen.

  • Unprocessed (yellow): The audio is the processing queue. It should be ready in a few minutes.

  • Processing: The audio is being converted into audio. This usually takes a few minutes.

  • Draft: This is a draft in the Text-to-Speech Editor. Select '⋮' then 'Edit draft' to continue working on your draft.

  • Skipped: This audio has not been processed into audio because you do not have an audio credit available. You may wish to upgrade your plan.

  • Error (red): Something went wrong during processing. Please try reprocessing the audio (select '⋮' next to the audio then 'Reprocess audio').

If you need support, please use the chat function on your dashboard or email [email protected].