RSS Project

How to create an RSS project within the SpeechKit dashboard.
  1. Login to your SpeechKit account. If you don’t have an account you can create one here.

  2. Create a new project.

3. Choose your language and voice.

4. Add your RSS feed (example: with the stories you want to be made available in audio.

5. Name your Project, (optional) choose the colour of the player.

6. Wait a minute or two for the feed to populate, alternatively refresh the page until you see the feed.

7. Click on the distribution tab and then the pencil icon.

If the Player is not already in the tab or you want to access other distribution methods please click on Add Distribution and select the option that you require.

8. Copy the audio player HTML iFrame and insert it into your HTML news story templates (don’t worry the player won’t appear unless audio exists for that story).

Each time that a story is published to your RSS feed it will be converted to audio and your readers will be able to listen to it using the audio player.

If you are having troubles you can contact us directly on Intercom at or email