Self-serve audio ads

Manage a self-serve advertising campaign through SpeechKit.

This guide explains how to manage a self-serve advertising campaign in SpeechKit. You will need your sponsored message(s) in mp3 format.

Want to create your audio ad using text-to-speech? Use the Editor then download the mp3.


Did you know? You can add an intro and outro to your audio assets.

Launch or schedule an ad campaign

  1. Go to the 'Audio ads' section of your project dashboard

  2. Select 'Launch an audio ad'

  1. Fill in the details:

    1. Title: This will appear on the audio player when the ad is playing

    2. Start date and time (optional): Leave blank to launch your campaign immediately, or schedule to start in the future


    You can change your time zone in the 'Settings' > 'General' section of your project dashboard.

    1. End date and time (optional): Leave blank to run the ad until it's manually disabled or deleted, or schedule a specific end time

    2. Companion URL (optional): For example, a link to the advertiser's site

    3. Upload your ad: We recommend that your mp3 ad lasts 15 to 30 seconds

  2. Select 'Save changes'

You can now view and manage your campaign in the 'Audio ads' section of your project dashboard.

Manage your ad(s)

  1. Go to the 'Audio ads' section of your project dashboard

  2. Go to the ad you would like to edit and select '⋮'

  3. Select an option:

    1. Edit ad: Takes you to the 'Ad settings' page — make edits then select 'Save changes'

    2. Disable/enable ad: Freeze the ad campaign until it is manually re-enabled/re-enable the ad campaign

    3. Delete ad: Permanently delete the ad campaign, including associated metrics

Ad metrics

You can view ad metrics in the 'Audio ads' section of your project dashboard.

  • Impressions: How many times the audio ad was played (not necessarily in full)

  • Clicks: How many times the companion URL was clicked


What happens if I run multiple ad campaigns simultaneously?

SpeechKit will only insert one audio ad per stream. If you have ads with overlapping campaign periods, they will be inserted on an alternating basis.

If you wish to insert multiple audio ads per stream, you will need to upload them together as a single mp3 file.