Spotify Podcasts

Submit your podcast feed to Spotify Podcasts.

This guide explains how to distribute your SpeechKit audio on Spotify Podcasts. Once setup is complete, your existing and future audios will be auto-distributed on the platform.

If you haven't already, you will need to create a podcast feed in your SpeechKit project dashboard. This must feature at least one audio (episode).

Submit your podcast feed to Spotify

  1. Copy the podcast feed URL from the 'Distribution (Podcast Feed)' section of your SpeechKit project dashboard
  1. Log into Spotify for Podcasters and select 'Get started'

  2. Paste your RSS feed URL and follow the verification instructions

  3. Add podcast information then select 'Submit'

Your podcast should appear on Spotify within a few hours.


Spotify for Podcasters: Help Center


How do I edit my podcast feed settings?
  1. Go to the 'Distribution' section of your project dashboard

  2. Go to the 'Podcast Feed' tab then edit the settings

  1. When you have finished making changes, select 'Save'

How do I remove an episode from Spotify?

You can remove a podcast episode from Spotify by deleting or disabling the corresponding audio in SpeechKit. However, this will affect all distributions.

How do I remove my podcast from Spotify?

See Spotify's guidance on removing a podcast from Spotify.

Alternatively, you can disable the podcast feed distribution in SpeechKit. However, this will disable all podcast feed distributions — not just Spotify Podcasts.

Can I monetize my Spotify podcasts?

You can monetize your Spotify podcasts by inserting audio ads through SpeechKit:

How can I measure podcast engagement?

Podcast engagement can be measured through Audience Stats in Spotify.