Spotify Podcasts

Spotify Podcasts

This guide is intended to help you publish your audios on Spotify.

Setup your Podcast Feed

To get started you will need to create a Podcast Feed on SpeechKit.

Create a Spotify Podcast account

You will need to create or log in to your Spotify Podcast account:


Add and validate your Podcast RSS Feed

Spotify Podcasts will request your Podcast RSS Feed. They will use this feed to pull new audios into Spotify Podcasts:


Spotify Podcasts will validate your Podcast RSS Feed.

The Podcast information is pulled from the Podcast RSS Feed, so if you want to change any of the details you can do so via the Podcast Feed settings in SpeechKit.

If you have any validation issues please contact

Verify your Podcast RSS Feed

Spotify will request you to verify that you are the owner of your Podcast RSS Feed via email.


The email that will appear in the Podcast Feed will be the same email that you used to create an account on SpeechKit. Please contact if you would like to change this email.


Add additional Podcast information

Once your email has been verified, Spotify will request more information, including: Where your podcast was made, primary language, your hosting provider, and primary category.

Once you have filled in this form press Next.


Submit your Podcast RSS Feed and you're done!

Press Submit, Spotify Podcasts will review your Podcast. Once approved your Podcast will be available on Spotify Podcasts.

Please contact if you have any issues with the approval process.