Update an audio

Update an audio in a project.


PUT https://app.speechkit.io/api/v3/projects/{project_id}/audio/{audio_id}

Path Parameters

project_id integer

This is the Project ID.

audio_id integer

This is the ID or external ID of the audio.

Body Parameters

api_key string

This is the API Key.

title string - (optional)

This is the article title.

body string - (optional)

This is the article body.

author string - (optional)

This is the article author.

article_url string - (optional)

This is the article url.

external_id string - (optional)

This is your internal article ID.

metadata object - (optional)

This is any custom data related to the audio article e.g., {"category": News}.


200: OK

Everything worked as expected.

  "id": 999,
  "external_id": "123-a",
  "state": "processed",
  "media": [
      "id": 999,
      "content_type": "mp3",
      "url": "http://link.to/the/file.mp3"
  "deleted": false,
  "metadata" :{
    "key": string

400: Bad Request

The request was unacceptable, often due to missing a required parameter.

401: Unauthorized

No valid API key provided.

404: Not Found

The requested resource doesn't exist e.g. incorrect Project ID.

API Explorer

For example requests, responses and to test your API calls, use our API Explorer.