Google Speakable

How to add the Google Speakable tag to your articles

Enabling Speakable

Whilst in beta mode, we will only enable Google Speakable for publishers on request. Also note that to qualify, you must publish all content in English and that your pages have valid titles and meta descriptions.

Once enabled, the SpeechKit player will perform some extra functionality to dynamically add the Speakable markup to the page. It will extract a title and description from the page content and use this to create and insert the structured data format for Google Speakable.

As Speakable is still in Beta, you will need to submit your site to Google once we have enabled it. You can do that here:

Once enabled, the snippets of your content will be available to the Google Assistant, making it accessible through new channels to reach a wider base of users.

For further information on Google Speakable, you can read the Google documentation.