For WordPress and Ghost Plugins the audio player will be automatically embedded into an article page, once the audio is available.

This can also be setup for the RSS and API integration using the Player iFrame embed, JavaScript Player or JavaScript Player SDK detailed below:

Player iFrame embed

In your Project go to Distribution > Add Distribution/Edit Player to get the Player iFrame embed:


You will then be able to view a preview of the Player, change the Player colors and copy the Player iFrame embed:

<iframe allowfullscreen="false" data-src="{project_id}/podcasts/iframe.html" frameborder="0" id="speechkit-io-iframe" scrolling="no" style="display: none"></iframe>
<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>

Once you have copied the Player iFrame embed you can insert it into your article template. The Player iFrame embed includes your project_id and uses the article URL retrieved from the RSS Feed or submitted via the API and the Project ID to fetch the correct audio from your Project.


The Player iFrame embed will not render on the article page if there is no audio for that article page in the Project.

JavaScript Player and SDK

For instructions on how to install the JavaScript Player and JavaScript Player SDK use the following:

JS Player and SDK


AMP Player