RSS Feed

This guide will teach you how to setup a RSS Project, import articles in your RSS Feed(s) into SpeechKit, and publish them in audio using the audio player.

Prepare content

Prior to using the RSS Feeds to submit articles to SpeechKit, you should make sure that your content is in a suitable format to be processed. The following documentation will help you prepare your RSS Feed(s) so that SpeechKit can perfectly ingest each article into audio:

RSS Feed Requirements

We recommend submitting title and body content in HTML. This is because the HTML provides SpeechKit with context that helps us to better process text into audio e.g. paragraphs, sub-headings, etc.


You will need a SpeechKit account. Don't have one? Create one.

Select New Project

Log in to your SpeechKit account and select New Project in the top left menu:


Select RSS Feed

Select the RSS Feed Project type:


Enter Project information

Enter your Project information:


Select language and voices

Select a language and then choose a voice to read the title and the body of the article:


Add your RSS Feed


We suggest you read our RSS Feed requirements before adding your RSS Feed. That being said, we can adjust our RSS readers to your content where necessary.

  • Enter your RSS Feed URL.
  • Enter a suitable name for your RSS FEED.
  • image

Save your Project

Select Finish Setup to save the Project:


Once you have created your Project the articles in the RSS Feed will be processed into audio and start to appear in the Content section of the Project Dashboard.

Next steps:

Setup the Player